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Mother Esperanza’s Spiritual Testament

-All for Love-

In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, I write to my beloved sons and my beloved daughters this Testament.

I leave entrusted to the Most Holy Virgin all my sons and daughters and my two beloved Congregations, and all the poor people received in them.

I wish to leave to my sons and daughters the precious inheritance that I have, freely and without any merit, received from the Good Jesus.

These goods are:
Strong faith in the Eternal Father, in His Divine Son, in the Holy Spirit, in the Holy Gospel, in the Holy Eucharist, in the triumph of the Resurrection and the Glory of the Good Jesus, and in all that our Holy Mother the Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church teaches us.

Firm Hope, Burning Charity, Strong Love for the Good Jesus and Constitutions dictated by him and written, full of faith and confidence, by this poor creature, so that my beloved sons and my beloved daughters may be rich in eternity, because by carrying them out literally, they will be the strong capital which will enrich them in the heavenly homeland: warning them that the Good Jesus takes care to accomplish justice for all these sons and daughters who, considering their beloved Constitutions without love and respect, stop carrying out what they order or dare to change or to modify anything which touches the spirit and the end of these holy Constitutions.

I want all my sons and daughters to be very poor materially but very rich in virtues, especially in cardinal virtues: Prudence, Justice, Strength and Temperance, virtues that represent the Passion and death of our Divine Master, and which are those that have to shine in the Son and in the Handmaid of Merciful Love, along with faith, hope and charity.

Recommendations that I make to my beloved sons and to my beloved daughters:
Be humble, love one another, eradicate from your heart the rash judgments, never look for responsibilities or high positions, stay in the hands of obedience like little children; never have discussions or quarrels, never occupy yourselves with things for which you are not responsible, be very charitable and attached to prayer, because the means to obtain grace and glory is prayer; always follow the narrow path of mortification; work to acquire detachment and disdain with respect to yourselves; you will succeed in this with the knowledge of Our God, His love and the knowledge of your nothingness and your miseries; always and in everything, try to accomplish the Will of Our God and always seek His glory and not yours.

Keep yourselves free, my children, from all greed; try hard to have no attachment to earthly things, because the Son and Handmaid of Merciful Love must be occupied with charity, divine and spiritual things, and you will arrive there easily if your hearts are strongly attached to the Good Jesus.

Walk with great attention in order to not become implicated in cares foreign to your vocation and to your state; never get involved in secular business contrary to your vocation, not even in the name of charity or prudence.

The Request I address to the Good Jesus, at the time of the death of my body and the life of my soul, by the mercy and the love of my God. I ask that the Good Jesus personally and the glory of God be the cause of the actions of all the sons and daughters, and that He always be their Advocate and defend them against the enemies of the respective Congregations, always repeating in their favor: “Father, forgive them; they do not know what they are doing!”

Jesus, at the time of death, see to it that all the sons and daughters can say, full of love and confidence, what I say to you in these moments, with hope in your charity, love and mercy: “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.”

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Two Congregations, six “branches”
Two Congregations, six “branches”
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