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With Open Arms

Collevalenza is where Mother Esperanza spent the last thirty years of her life, amidst the construction of the Sanctuary and the adjoining buildings, with frequent journeys to visit the growing communities. At the highpoint of her life, she says of herself that she feels like a flute diffusing the melody of mercy, like a handkerchief for tears, or like the doorkeeper of the Good God, who opens his arms all to draw them to his fatherly heart.

She never wanted to be the protagonist. She always considered herself a mere instrument of the Lord, and never attributed to herself the marvels that God was operating through her. Jesus was the author, the protagonist of Collevalenza; she was a simple instrument in the hands of the Providence.

Her arms were always open to receive the many persons who were coming to meet the Merciful Love and, Mother Esperanza, like good doorkeeper attended to each one. The crowds gradually grew, to such a degree that it was necessary to establish public order, impose reservations, put a sister in charge of the organization, and open an office for the correspondence.

Mother Esperanza used to receive you with the nobility of a courteous Spanish woman —an Italian writes—, always standing, propped with a hand on the edge of the table, since her health was not collaborating; she would listen to you attentively, gazing at you with that her penetrating look, raise your spirits, encourage you to pray to the Merciful Love, promising that she would do the same. And she did so. Sometimes she spent a great part of the night praying before the crucifix for each of those who during the day had come to speak with her.

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