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The Terrible Wars

The activity continues even more intensely when, in 1936, the Civil War in Spain breaks out, causing countless tragedies. During this period, she goes to Rome for the first time, accompanied by her very loyal friend Pilar de Arratia, in order to start a generous work among the poor on the outskirts of Rome, on Via Casilina.

From there, she goes to the Holy Office to plead her defense against accusations and defamations concerning her person and the recently born Congregation. Pilar is her defending angel, her confident and her best support in this moment, one of the most difficult in her life.

While she was in Rome, the Second world war broke out. Under the bombs and in midst of the threats of the Germans, with her Sisters, she receives children, hides fugitives without any ideological considerations, cures people wounded in the bombings, feeds thousands of workers and the needy at improvised meals, and consoles everyone.

The charitable activity in Rome reaches incredible dimensions. Once again, enormous quantities of food are miraculously provided for the poor; thousands of people come to be protected by Mother Esperanza’s body when the alarm announces the bombers. Moreover, this Spanish woman takes out her needle and thread and, in basin, cleans and washes innards, sews up wounds, recomposes mutilated bodies, energetically promising survival and recuperation.

In August 1944, Pilar dies, leaving an enormous void in her life. Once she has overcome this difficult moment, she recommences with her activities, travelling and new initiatives. The post-war period is filled with hardship, both in Italy and in Spain; there are many wounds to be healed, and she works, encourages, and organizes at an untiring rhythm. For the Holy Year 1950, the house of the General Curia in Rome is finished and prepared to receive the pilgrims of that year and those who will follow. Gradually, other foundations are made in Italy: Todi, Gubbio, Pavia, Genova, Vazzola, Borsea, Francenigo, Perugia, Rieti, Colfosco, Fratta Todina.

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