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The Crucifix

The beautiful Crucifix venerated in the Sanctuary of Collevalenza is the artistic expression, a faithful representation and theological compendium of the Merciful Love. Its origin is surrounded by a beautiful mystery. The Jew presented by Mother Esperanza to pose …, was too much like Jesus. Coullaut Valera can be proud of his work. For a few years, the crucifix was in the chapel of the school of Larrondo, near Bilbao. Today, it is the pivot, the heart and center of the sanctuary of Collevalenza. This, precisely, is the Merciful Love.

A living Jesus, upright and dignified, his eyes full of serenity and looking tenderly toward the Father to remind him of his chosen and effective oblation, “Father, do not take this into account; they do not know what they are doing.” Even the smallest details are taken care of: the sign in three languages, the scar from the rope on his neck, every drop of blood. The Latin word “Charitas” over the heart is sufficiently eloquent, as is the crown that recalls his connatural royalty. A great white Host in the background reminds us that Jesus’ sacrifice is perpetuated in the Eucharist, and the title in Spanish summarizes everything:”The Merciful Love.”

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