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House of the pilgrim
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Novena to Merciful Love
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The Christ of Merciful Love
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Sons of Merciful Love
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Handmaids of Merciful Love

Venerable Mother Esperanza

Mother Esperanzaís Spiritual Testament
Strong faith in the Eternal Father, in His Divine Son, in the Holy Spirit, in the Holy Gospel, in the Holy Eucharist, in the triumph of the Resurrection and...

Prayer for the Intercession of the Mother

Novena to Merciful Love

O my Jesus, I am deeply sorry when I consider how many times I have offended you. Yet, with a Fatherís heart, you have not only forgiven...

On a Snowy Day
Progressively her body was declining and her mind as well. Through the windows of her eyes, one could see that her heart continued burning until the end.

A Wounded Pilgrim

On 22 November 1981, Pope John-Paul II comes out of the Vatican for the first time since the aggression on St. Peterís Square, on 13 May...

With Open Arms

Collevalenza is where Mother Esperanza spent the last thirty years of her life, amidst the construction of the Sanctuary and the...

The Crucifix
The beautiful Crucifix venerated in the Sanctuary of Collevalenza is the artistic expression, a faithful representation and theological compendium of the...
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Crucifix of the Merciful Love
Crucifix of the Merciful Love
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