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Sons of Merciful Love

Obedient to the voice of the Spirit, on 15 August 1951, in Rome, Mother Esperanza gave life to the Congregation of the Sons of Merciful Love.

“They will bring help and relief to many needy and afflicted families, and consolation to the sick ; in them, the orphans will find a family, the young their guides, the weak their support, and those who have fallen the strength to get up.”

This text formulates the identity, the mission and the style of the Congregation of the FAM, which is composed of religious priests, brothers who accomplish their mission in their own house, brothers in civilian clothing engaged in secular activities, and diocesan priests with vows.

The Congregation consists of four “branches.” Here are the different forms of membership in the Congregation:

  1. FAM religious priests.
  2. FAM Brothers.
  3. FAM Brothers for the temporal activities.
  4. Diocesan priests with vows. (SDFAM)

The Congregation of the FAM is called to manifest the Merciful Love above all by the holiness of its life, through charitable works, of which the main one is the union with the diocesan clergy. The priests and the charitable works in favor of the poor are closely united as common objective.

A Congregation of Priests and Brothers who proclaim the Merciful Love by dedicating themselves with attention to the diocesan priests and, “united with these as brothers, they exercise with enthusiasm and only for love to our Lord, all other works of charity” (Const. FAM, art. 18).

With this aim, they promote:

  • The reception to the priests in their communities, for physical and spiritual rest.
  • Collaboration with them in ministry, also assuming parishes that the respective diocesan Bishops offer them.
  • The attention and care for elderly, retired or sick priests; by creating with them a family environment, so that they may feel at home in the religious house.
  • The fraternal support, promoting their spiritual life: continued formation, retreats, and spiritual exercises.

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