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FAM Brothers for temporal activities

They hold titles, are qualified or specialized Brothers who, without wearing any external sign of their consecration, accomplish their mission through activities preferably outside the Congregation, always with the approval of the legitimate Superiors.

Their objective is to be an evangelical leaven of the Merciful Love in the different ambits of society: in the working world, in culture, politics, etc., according to their professional preparation. Their testimony will be direct and discreet, precisely in order to be more effective in the worldly, often very secularized contexts.

This is the work Jesus did for thirty years.

These Brothers work in the areas of the education and formation of young men received in our houses; they will even try to help them to leave our centers, in order to insert themselves in the working world.

To be able to accomplish all of this, their prayer must be intense and they need community life, to the extent in which it is compatible with their commitments.

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