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Diocesan Priests with vows

The Congregation of the Sons of Merciful Love, by the will of Mother Esperanza and in fulfillment of the their specific charisma and the unique mission it received, with all the rights and duties, for the diocesan Priests who ask to be a part of this Family, without ceasing to belong to the Presbytery of the Diocese in which they work and are incardinated.

This “branch” of the FAM obtained the recognition and approval of its Statute from the ecclesiastic Hierarchy, on 21 September, 1995.

Concretely, they obey, juridically, first the Ordinary of their own Diocese, and, to the extent that their diocesan commitments allow, share the objectives of the Congregation, by observing their own Statutes.

The form of membership is rooted in the character of the “diocesan character.” These Priests work in the local Church, in dependence on their Ordinary, and, as consecrated, in the Family of Merciful Love.

Their field of action is the Diocese, through assuming responsibly the orders of the own Bishop, persuaded of that, among the charitable works, the main one for them is the union with the Clergy.

Through these Priests, the Family of the Merciful Love is inserted in the local Church. Therefore, they come to be the most significant historical expression of the Family’s commitment in the animation and support of the clergy, according to the Charisma of the Merciful Love.

There are clearly advantages for these Priests, when the meet the FAM in their own house and family, in both the spiritual and the human sense. This is a response to the problem of the loneliness of Priests, because the SDFAM become promoters of the priestly brotherhood, the clergy’s union, common life, and pastoral collaboration with the clergy, according to the indications of the PO and of the PdV.

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Mary Mediatrix
Mary Mediatrix
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