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"Blessed" Mother Speranza

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The Crypt

The Basilica also has a lower church, the “crypt.” Half underground, meditative and in the twilight, architectonically united with the superior church, where from it receives the light and with which is connected by a spiral staircase, with balustrades of interlaced bricks that make it resemble a wicker basket.

The Crypt is dedicated to Mary Mediatrix, and there is a mosaic over the altar, the work of the painter Villalta, which represents the coming of the Holy Spirit on Mary and the Apostles, gathered in the upper room.

Mary is also the one who obtained mercy in a particular and exceptional way, as no other person has. At the same time, still in an exceptional way, she made possible with the sacrifice of her heart her own sharing in revealing God’s mercy.” (Dives in Misericordia, no. 9)

Behind the altar, is the tomb of Mother Esperanza, simple, original and like a sowed grain sinking into the earth and announcing the new growth, the church renewed by the Merciful Love, of the Mother Esperanza is the witness.

To the left of the tomb, in a chapel, is the image of the Virgin of Fuentesanta (Patroness of Murcia, Spain), the region where Mother Esperanza was born.

A raised zone at the entrance of the Crypt is the place reserved for the Confessions. Here, the Good Jesus receives the contrite sinner to make him/her experience his embrace of Mercy and Love.

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