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The Christ of Merciful Love

It is a work realized in Spain in 1931 by the sculptor Lorenzo Cullot Valera. The crucified Christ welcomes us with the wide-open arms, waiting serenely and exhorting us to trust.

Jesus Merciful Love, on the Cross, reminds us of the sacrifice on Mount Calvary, the white Host is the daily renewal of the sacrifice on the altar of the Eucharist.

The cross is dressed above a globe, the world, which also supports a royal crown and an open book: the Gospel. In this book are written the words: “Love one another as I have loved you,”and on the cushion are the words: You are, o Christ, the King of Glory.” Jesus, Merciful Love, you want to rule over the world by bringing it your Love.

The expression on his face is characteristic, as it shows great serenity even in the midst of pain and suffering. Jesus is represented still alive on the cross, looking towards heaven, as if he were imploring his Father, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”

On his chest is the image of a red heart bearing the inscription: “Charitas.” How great the throbs of his love must have been for him to be happy to suffer! By suffering, he showed the full measure of his great Love.

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