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House of the pilgrim
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House of the pilgrim

Inside architectonic and spiritual ensemble of the Sanctuary, we also find the House of the Pilgrim, a modern building, which receives all those who come as pilgrims in search of a place for reflection, in the peace and serenity produced by nature in the region of the Umbria that help so much for a personal encounter with God.

The house is hospitable and the installations modern. There are rooms for rest, reading and meetings, adapted for assemblies or work in groups. Each room has a complete and independent bathroom.

So, a day of silence and meditation in this spiritual oasis, can help to discover God’s Love for every man and for the world in which we are immersed. A halt in this peace facilitates the most intimate and most affectionate union of our soul with God.

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Two Congregations, six “branches”
Two Congregations, six “branches”
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