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It was nighttime on October 11th and it was pouring down with rain when we say ‘Good night’ to one another. It had been raining cats and dogs the whole day but it was not the first day of heavy rain. The wind blustered outside getting noisy. It was around 1 in the night and a sudden visit came: the water. The house was full of water and soil, it was the flood. The water flew sliding from the backyard and entered in the house. The terrace and the outside kitchen got covered with a thick sheet of mud and we woke up.

We piled up the pieces of furniture on the table and we started the cleaning-up operation. It lasted from 2am till 6am, slowly we managed to clean it all and go back to a normal life.

We stopped without finishing the outside part but we were in urgent need of a shower before the 6:30am mass.

The dawn and the crow of cock revealed some surprises. The wall of the garden, more than 6 metres, had collapsed due to the strength of the water on the base of the wall and because of the heavy rain and strong wind. We had before us hundreds of kilogrammes of rubble and the water channel was broken into pieces. We are still trying to repair it.

The wind was so strong that several trees near the house fell down uprooted; some of them were quite big. Thanks God, the mango tree near the parking place for the car and the one near the chapel didn’t fall on the roof. The latter was more than 15 metres high and the damage could have been huge.

The works go on and we got a big quantity of wood to share with the families in need and two make two tables and two benches.

We had not big problems compared to the families in the surroundings and the nearby places. Typhoons are known to knock down power lines and bring torrential rains and floods, leaving house owners knee-deep in water and in the streets. So, all the rice fields were underwater and it all looked like a huge new lake, the water run over the roads. The flood had taken away the few belongings of the families, dragging soil and plants and their domestic animals got drown.

The families explained to us all this and, in spite of the calamity, they showed the unfailing smile and patience of the Filipinos. We drove several places and the water covered the tires of the lorries or trucks and, in the near place of San Miguel, it reached the windshield of the bus.

It was worse for the people in Visayas, the central region of the country, who suffered a 7.2 points earthquake after some days and more than 100 people died. Houses collapsed and many buildings were severely damaged. Due to this natural catastrophe hills split up changing forever the view of the islands. Besides, centennial churches fell down and became ruins losing along with their artistic and religious value, their emotional meaning for the people. We hope they they will be able to obtain the help to go back to their homes and their lives. A prayer for each one of them.  May God bless them all.


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