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Handmaids of Merciful Love

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Handmaids of Merciful Love

A Congregation of Sisters, who manifest the Merciful Love by putting themselves in the service of the most destitute. Being like mothers for the most discriminated, outcast and poor.

The EAM has to be the “sign of kindness and grace, a reflection of the crucified and risen Love,” especially for “all those who live far from the good Father,” for the poor, the children, the sinners, the sick, the elderly, for the whole world.

It is constituted by four “branches.” These are different forms of membership in Congregation.

  1. EAM Sisters.
  2. EAM Sisters For the temporal activities. (EAMPAT)

The EAM is called to be “apostle” of the Lord’s Mercy. “The Congregation, by virtue of the charisma, to the extent of its possibilities and strengths, will embrace all the activities of charity in which the Merciful Love can be manifested and shown.

  • Educational Centers for children and young people, with preference given to the poorest.
  • Care for the sick, the handicapped, the elderly and families in need.
  • Collaboration in diverse parochial activities, according to the specific charisma.
  • Evangelization and catechizes in the missions.

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