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Two Congregations, six “branches”

Like every family, ours is also composed of different ways of being that enrich it. This diversity is what the Lord wanted and it is charismatic.

Our Family is composed of two Congregations, the Handmaids of Merciful Love and the Sons of Merciful Love, both independent and autonomous but with a “respectful relationship –characteristic of a distinguished family– between brothers and sisters who love one another in the Lord, which constitutes a wonderful opportunity for the good development of emotional  maturity, for greater apostolic efficiency, because the witness born is more complete when it  includes both masculine and feminine aspects.” So, we are called to be a sign for the Church and Society.

This brotherhood also manifests itself both within, that is in the community, in which we live, and outside, through the witnessing and the realization of the unique mission.

The unique family and the two Congregations are in turn formed by six forms of membership that the Mother Foundress called “branches.” Each of these, sharing the same charisma, the spirituality and the mission, has a specific identity based on its function and the setting in which its members bear witness through their lives, as well as in harmony with the other “branches.”

  1. Women religious Handmaids of Merciful Love.
  2. Handmaids of Merciful Love for the temporal activities.
  3. Ordained religious Sons of Merciful Love.
  4. Diocesan priests Sons of Merciful Love.
  5. Lay brothers who publicly show their consecration as Sons of Merciful Love.
  6. Lay brothers Sons of Merciful Love called to carry out temporal activities.

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