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Association of Laity of Merciful Love.

They are laypeople who share, in accordance with their Statute, the spirituality and the mission of the Family of Merciful Love.

This Association promotes and favors the holiness of the Christian life in the laypeople, by living the baptismal vocation with greater intensity and commitment.

They are called to announce and bear witness, in their personal and family lives as well as through their presence in the parish and in the diocese, to the Gospel of Love and Mercy, which Jesus Christ proclaimed in a special way to the poor and needy.

In order to accomplish this mission, every member of the Association will do his/her best to be an instrument of Jesus’ mercy for every person, in a concrete, generous, and free way. Thus, they will favor the coming of the “civilization of the love,” the only one that humanizes people, by overcoming all kinds of egoisms.

Mother Esperanza says: “So that all may know God, not as Father offended by the ungratefulness of His children, but as loving Father who seeks every possible way to comfort, help and make His children happy, and who follows and looks for them with tireless love, as if He could not be happy without them.”

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